My new clothesline!

"Oh boy, here she goes again" is what you might be thinking.  I mean, I sort of got really, really excited last time I got a new clothesline at our other house.

And I have a new clotheslines.  Wahoo!  I am a broken record here, but I love love love hanging out my clothes on the line.

The slower rhythm that begins my day, chatting with children at my feet as I clip on the clothes one by one. 

The necessity of being outside at the end of the day to take the clothes off, again with children at my feet.

The smell of line dried clothes.  Especially sheets.

The brighter napkins, clothes and diapers as the sun bleaches them.
Just being outside and enjoying the weather.

The cheaper electric bill.  Hey, who doesn't love a bargain?

Many, many thanks to my dad for putting this up for me.  I had been asking and begging, and he listened.  

I don't remember who told me, but someone told me that the folks who lived here before had a clothesline that attached the woodshed to the barn.  Surely, that wouldn't be big enough for me, as it only holds one load at a time, so I thought.  But it was at least a start. 

What do I know? It's so windy there, I can do 3-4 loads a day and they dry in no time.  In the first 48 hours, I did 8 loads of laundry.

I know, I know, it's really pathetic I get excited about a clothes line.  I mean it's laundry for pete's sake.  Who gets excited about laundry?  Me, apparently.

My dad is an upcyclier like me (is that I word?).  I couldn't reach the clothesline to start hanging the clothes.  He used an old broom we found in the barn and hammered in/bent a nail so I can hook the line to pull it down.  Brilliant!
And remember this, what I upcycled?  A clothespin holder from a dishtowel and a hanger.  (Find that post here)

Anyway, I think every kid needs to have fun running in/out/around/under sheets on a clothesline.

Perhaps you agree?



  1. This is such a beautiful post...and there are some things in our daily lives, like hanging clothes out on the line, that should never be lost...certain traditions that should be treasured. I love your photos here and I too will always have a clothesline. I can't wait for Winter to be over so that I can get back hanging my clothes out on the line. There have been times that my husband would shovel a path from the house just so I could get to the clothesline before all the snow had melted. There is something about the rhythm of such a simple task that just soothes the soul when you walk away and see the sun shining and the breeze blowing your laundry on the suddenly just calms you down and slows the pace of your busy life. Precious moments to cherish. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I had a clothesline years ago but it got torn out when we built our new house. I really miss the smell of line dried clothes, especially the sheets!

  3. I have been wanting a clothesline for so long now! My husband keeps forgetting and other projects keep coming up. I think I'll move it to the top of his honey-do list :) Love these photos. The kids look like they're so happy as always :)

  4. I would be excited too. Ours broke a few years ago. I need a new one.

  5. There is every reason to get excited about having a clothes, everything YOU said.:-D I love the smell of freshly air dried sheets too. And I had to smile to see your two little people with clothes pins in their mouths. Mine used to do that too! It must be a kid thing. :-)

  6. I love this! I would love a reeling clothesline, I currently use the dog's run that she doesn't use... meh, it works!!

  7. This is great ( love the pictures too). I wrote about my hanging my clothes out to dry this week too! Must be summer in the air!

  8. Yes, yes and yes!!! Love my clothesline!

  9. I love having a clothesline too, although mine is not nearly as cool as yours! Love, love, love the simple things in life. Enjoy!



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