Appliqued Apple Bag (Give away Alert!)

I whipped up a couple of these before bed.  They're a little upcycled too-because I cannot throw away perfectly good Christmas ribbon. They're good for holding tiny things-like snacks, markers, trinkets, toiletries, etc.  I made them as a Thank You-for someone special who always goes above and beyond for my kids.

Got me thinking, I haven't thanked my blog readers in a while.  That's right.  I haven't thanked you.  Your following, daily checks, Emails, comments and messages.  Due to my husband's work schedule, I've been alone a lot more than usual.  But, I don't feel alone because I have all of you readers to keep me company.  And I thank you for that!

How long has it been since I've had a give a way?  A while.  Too long.  So, I whipped up another couple of these little bags-similar to these but slightly different ribbons- and am all set to give them out to you. 

To enter, two steps:

1) Share.  Share my blog addres/facebook page or a fave idea/recipe that you got from this blog with your friends.

2) Tell me.  Send me a comment or message to let me know you're shared and you'd like to enter.

Easy. I will generate random winners, contest will stay open until Thursday 9/26/13 at 11:59pm.  And that's right, I said winners.  I like for there to be good chances in winning.  I've done 1:10, and 1:8 chances to win in the past.  I like there to be a good chance you'll win the prize.

So thank you for being a reader.  And thanks for sharing my space with others. 


  1. Hi, found this link through a post on FB Homesteading Plain & Simple (love that site). I have shared this link on my FB page and signed up for your newletter through email. I am fairly new to country living and really wanting to be more self-sufficient by the time my hubby retires in 10-15 years. I love your pics. Haven't had a chance to look through all your blog but planning to, its looks really interesting. Good luck in your blogging.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I also enjoy that FB site. It's nice to find 'like minded' folks. I love that you're working on being more self sufficient. We're always working to do the same. :)

  2. These are really cute. You are really good with the sewing machine!

  3. Cute very cute. Oh do not ever feel alone. Bloggerland is full of friends who also feel that way. Blogger family is the best. B

  4. You are so great at these cute little bags! I won't enter since I already have one of your cute chicken bags :) I'll make the odds a little better for everyone else haha.

  5. These are sweet. Are Canadians invited? (check your post office before you answer. I'll wait :-)



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