Early Evenings

It's the end of September.  Evenings are getting earlier.  We definitely need more layers when dressing.  But there's still many chances of outdoor memory making. 

I took too many pictures.  And I just can't pick.  Only one scene- our backyard.  With the same subjects-four kids-two with two legs, two with four legs.  It may be overkill, but I can't bear to delete any more of these pictures.  These photos are memories and I want to keep each one close to my heart.


  1. These photos just warm my heart! I would never delete them either :)

  2. These just melt my heart. Seeing Adrian's overalls with one leg tucked into his boot and one not reminds me of a silly poem my mom used to say, 'Diddle diddle dumpling my son John went to bed with his stockings on. One shoe off and one shoe on, diddle diddle dumpling my son John.' The verse has nothing to do with overalls and rubber boots. Seeing Adrian just triggered that happy memory for some reason. lol Do NOT delete any of these photos. They are beautiful! xoxoxo

  3. Too sweet. Funny, the first thought when I saw the first photo was that your son was wearing John Deere colors then lo and behold, enter the John Deere! :)



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