Changing gears.

It still feels summer-like during the days, but the evenings are undoubtedly fall-like.  Such an odd time of year dressing my kiddos.  Dress them warm enough for morning and they'll be scorching hot in the outfit by lunch.  At least with layers, she can still sport her beautiful summer dresses mid day.

But we are changing gears to pants and boots.  And digging out the sweaters.
I keep on plugging away in the garden...thinking fall and winter and preserving.  I'm harvesting the last of some, the first of others.   There's been lots of canning, freezing and dehydrating.  The root cellar and pantry are filling up.  Mundane stuff now, but things I will be most thankful for in the upcoming months.

This is the first time since my childhood that I have grown potatoes.  I don't know why I have skipped doing so.  I live in Maine, potato country.  Beautiful red bliss.  We just harvested enough for dinner, but still need to get the rest.  The cucumbers are about done, I'm bringing in sugar pumpkins and winter squash.  Still more (and more) kale, basil.  Having the last of tomatoes and salads.  Thankful for the late planting of extra beans and enjoying the burst that is just happening now.  Enjoying the eggplants as they are all coming at once.  Having stuffed peppers for the first time this year.

 And a few other home grown meals that my kids actually eat.  I tried to keep it very simple while my husband was away for the last couple weeks.  Sometimes simple garden fresh can be beautiful in and of itself, perhaps you agree?

There's still plenty of bug watching.  I could spend hours watching bugs.  Did I ever tell you I was big into entomology as a kid?   I caught, mounted and labeled oodles.  My shadowbox display even made it all the way to the great New York State Fair.  Blue ribbons all the way.  Anyway, I love insects.  I haven't seen a praying mantis in quite some time.  This one posed for me.  I could watch them all day.
 Do you see the bright blob?  There it is flying away.

 And some dragonfly love.

There's still a bit of summer-like weather, but we know the weather is changing gears before our own eyes.  It's officially fall now by the calendar and by our activities. Work gloves have been sported.  We're getting ourselves ready for what's next. Wood is being stacked, things buttoned up and painted. I've dug the fall books out.  The windows are closed at night and we're wearing socks to bed. Halloween costumes are in the works and pumpkin baked goods are coming soon.

The changing of seasons is always an exciting time, this one is no exception.  Tell me, are you changing gears?


  1. Around here it will be a while before fall is truly upon us. Yesterday we had our first rain, which was wonderful, but a tease because we'll be back in the 80s the rest of the week.

    I want to know if Audra's dress is handmade and if yes...pattern? It's adorable. It looks very similar to a pattern I have, (this one: but mine doesn't have the billows at the bottom, which I really like. Cute cute cute! I have a feeling this baby girl will lead me back to my sewing table.

  2. You are right, it's difficult to find out how to dress the kids (and ourselves). Today I had one boy in the garden in his grandma's hand knit sweater - but barefoot. He was thoroughly enjoying himself.

    I love the pictures of your harvest and the dishes you made. Inspiring!

    1. I hope you got some pics of the hand knit and barefoot! Thank you for your kind words. :)

  3. Those food pictures are stunning. It's amazing how well a picture can inspire.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! I love Fall but the only thing I don't look forward to is putting the garden to bed for the winter. I miss all those fresh ingredients. :)

  5. Has it really been this long ago since I last visited your blog? I'm so glad that I back tracked. These images are stunning! Spectacular! As a photographer you must have been thrilled with how they turned out.



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