Start a Tradition...

Baked goods.  They're definitely a love of mine.  Without doubt.

They bring happy, happy memories to my mind.  As a child, I remember pulling the yellow flip top stool over to the counter.  I'd crawl up, help measure, leveling the measuring cup with a knife.  I'd dump ingredients in the bowl carefully.  Grab that wooden spoon to help stir.  Taste test a little.  I'd be right next to my mom, talking continually at her, for sure.

Although I usually helped her, sometimes I didn't.  Every now and then when my dad was home playing with us, we thought my mom was inside making/cleaning up after dinner.  She'd come out and surprise us with something fantastic. I distinctly remember her serving us Hot Crossed Buns when I was learning that delightful sound on the recorder.  Or sometimes we arrive home from a long day of school to find a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies.  Enjoying a seemingly spontaneous sweet treat with the sweetest mom ever was special beyond belief.

Sometimes, I like to do the same.  My husband and I are so rarely home together that when we are, I usually have the kids as he does lawnmowing/something of that nature.  But this particular day, he had them both.  And I completed this scrumptious surprise for them.  It was well received, I'm telling you. Recipe HERE.


I'm hoping to keep that tradition alive-surprising my loved ones with sweet treats when they least expect it.  Won't you join me this week/day/month/year and make some goodies to surprise your loved ones when they least expect it? 


  1. Woah, those are some serious cinnamon rolls! I've always wanted to try making my own from scratch but haven't yet. Seems like the perfect fall activity to me and I'll just have to start my own tradition :)

  2. Mmmmmm - I love cinnamon buns! So yummy!

    I love baking too. I'm waiting for a bit of fall weather and then I'll be in full baking mode (it's currently too hot to bake).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Now those look absolutely yummy! What a great suprise for you family. I can tell they enjoyed them. I believe in making traditions and special memories too. You have a great family and are a wonderful caretaker to them. Makes me want to bake some of those.. Blessings!

  4. Jackie, those look AMAZING!!! I was going to make an apple pie this weekend but now I want cinnamon rolls...... :)



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