Upcycled Mini Teddy Bear Playset

My dad, who is notorious for bring crap I don't want, sometimes ends up bringing me a treasure.  He brought a bag of stuffed animals (who wants all those?!) and in it was this fab little mini vintage bear.  I was excited.  Nobody cared. Nobody played with the tiny bear.  I am pretty sure that tiny bear was feeling sad. 

So...I made this playset. I must say I am pretty excited about it!
Some cute, simple little skirts out of scraps and elastic.
Some flowered headbands out of elastic and felt.
 A cute sleeping bag out of vintage fabric.
 And then the rocking horse and the push cart I got at the thrift store for next to nothing. (I wrote about that here).

Pop it in a fab wooden box and you've got a set! 
And I'm excited!  It's the second play set I made.  Remember the last one? Link to puppy playset here.

It really gets played with a lot.  I hope this Mini Teddy Bear playset gets used a lot too.  I won't know until Christmas, as I'm saving it for then.  But maybe I'll just play with it a little by myself for a bit...because it is fun and all.

I had so much fun making mine, I whipped up a second for my friend who is due with her baby girl anyday now.  I included a labeled drawstring bag as the gift bag. 
Anyway, I totally recommend making a little playset.  It can be no sew.  Just gather a stuffed animal, washcloth, receiving blanket, small pillow, spoon, bowl, cup, toothbrush, etc.  Pop in a basket and you have your own playset.  The best part of having these playsets all together for little hands?  Watching and see what they come up with.  There's so much learning power to imaginary play.  And so much entertainment value watching them as adults.  Won't you join me and either make  stitch or stitch free playset? 


  1. That's really cute. Way to bring new life to some old toys :-)

  2. Awww how fun! You are so creative. I think I would even play with this haha! Love the skirts and the cute headbands.



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