My Little Farmers

Ah yes.  It's more animals.  And my kids.  Forgive me.  It's just another animal and kid post in the lineup.  I have a couple craft projects to show you and a little home improvement coming. Plus more food, gardening and preserving to share.  I really do have different posts in the queue. I promise.

But I keep getting the shots of my kids with animals.  And since I blog as my scrapbook to them, I do have more animal shots.  These are from a friend's farm. We were lucky enough to have a great time on their homestead...even going for a horse drawn wagon ride.  A marvelous time, indeed. (Thanks!)

And so I bring you more farm shots.  Because that's what we do.  And because a calf and a baby girl is the cutest thing ever.

They could have stayed here all day.

I love watching him approach animals.  Between introduction to being BFFs, it's a matter of minutes.
Of course this was a Jersey cow-his very favorite kind.

And this baby girl is hard to catch, she's such a climber.

She's a natural with any animal as well-so gentle and patient.
Cows have become her favorite lately.  She "moos" with the best of them.  She also likes to find pictures of cows in oodles of books.  She says "I want that moo."  Quite a phrase for a little girl, but she has been saying that, repetitively.  

Who knows, maybe a jersey calf will be in our future?

Which, of course, will lead to more animal posts.  I have to stop these kids while we're ahead. 

Did you know he wants a horse like his friend G.?  Oh. My.
I think they are both certain we need more animals.  

I'm sorry, dear readers.  I fear there will be a whole lot of livestock filling our barn and these pages in the future if these kids have anything to say about it.  I hope you don't mind.


  1. Better start saving your pennies for all that livestock!

  2. Please keep posts like this coming - they are my favorite! I know I would have so much fun with Adrian playing with all the animals :) He is a boy after my own heart! It's so sweet how the calf warmed up to him so quickly. Love these photos!

  3. Awwww - a calf and a baby girl ARE adorable. I love your pictures... you're living a beautiful life. It's nice to see these glimpses of joy!

  4. Kids and animals are my one weakness. Ooops! That's two. :-) Posts like this are why I keep visiting.



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