Family days.

Just a family day, with the four of us. Not much of an agenda.  We just drove.

And stopped at the Shaker Museum.  They were having an apple festival.  Beautiful handmades, lots of antiques, great demonstrations of lost arts.  Usually I bring out my camera to help me slow time since I have a hard time slowing myself down on my own.  But on this day, we were already going at a nice, slow pace.  And I didn't take too many pictures.

 But I did bust out the camera for their first bounce house.  You know, I thought they'd love it.  They both went in there briefly, and were all set.
 But then, tucked away in a corner, we found horse rides. And my husband took the camera.  (Before I tell you this story, I should note that Adrian picked out his own outfit this day.  And no, it wasn't his birthday.  But with that 'Happy Birthday' tag, he got birthday wishes all day from strangers.)

Anyway, Adrian wasn't sure at first.

And no way would he do any of this without his mama.

But he built his confidence up.
 And goodness, he ended up loving it!
 He kept saying, even for days afterwards, "I can't believe I rode a horse.  I just can't believe it."  He wants a horse now. Of course.
 But then, as we were all set with the hustle bustle of the festival, we were pulled in this direction.
 And I pulled that camera out.  I just wanted these images to last in my mind forever.

 As we were heading down that path, we spotted something.
 We didn't try to talk him out of marching over to see the John Deere.  He just *had* to go see that John Deere.
 I don't know where she ran off to, her dad chased her. 
 But I did let him climb on this random tractor in a random field, which of course, he was in his glory.

 She eventually found us, gave the tractor a very brief whirl...and off she went.

 He could have hung out there all day, just watching the stationary tractors.
 That quiet path led us to come cows.  Which they both love (and want).
 Back down that beautiful path.

 Such a beautiful family day, in more ways than one.

We did pick apples thenafter, but I'm just as tuckered out going through the pictures now as he was then.  I'll show you those pictures when I get a chance.  All in all, this slower country living pace is what makes my heart smile. 


  1. Random birthday wishes, random tractors, random sounds like a glorious day. Thank you for sharing your precious family memories.

    p.s. I see a pony in your near future. ;-)

  2. This is right by my house! The kids and I walked up to the festival that Saturday and that path is one of our favorites too. Love your pictures.

  3. Oh I love these photos! That first one is really pretty. Soon you are going to have quite the animal menagerie if your little farmer has his way! Haha :)

  4. What a GREAT family day! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. What a beautiful photo of the kids entering the tree-lined path. I certainly understand his fascination with tractors. We love 'em here. Glad you were able to save those memories on film.



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