Somehow he is three!  What a celebration!  My big boy is growing up and maturing before our own eyes.
Here he was at 18 months.

And here he is at 3. Three!  3!!!

Goodness, gracious, sweet Adrian...what a kid you are!

First of all, if we call you by your full name, we stand corrected. You assert that you are "Farmer Adrian".  You love all things farm related.  Animals, tractors and the like.  You spend lots of time hitching wagons to your play tractors and doing some haying in your spare time.  Your menagerie of real animals -cat, dog, bunny, chickens and now goats- are your true love.  Anytime you see an animal, no matter how big, you are never afraid.  You really want Jersey cows.  Perhaps someday...

You're determined and focused, as well as very serious. You spent all summer selling bread and saving your money for a goat.  You spent an hour the other day decorating a box with stickers to make a drum.  You spent more than an hour moving sawdust into the chicken coop.  You have a long attention span for activities of your choice.  You always like to be busy.

You eat most everything.  If you had to choose, you'd pick Nam bars (peanutbutter/chocolate bars), for sure.  You also love popsicles and bread fresh out of the oven.  Your favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry.

You're learning all sorts of things that interest you. You can rattle off the names of different tractor manufactures, chicken breeds, identifying garden produce and the names of wildflowers.  Just the other day, a friend gave you a flower and you told her "That's golden rod".  Makes us chuckle.

Although you say you want to get rid of your sister, you really do love her.  You have been working hard and doing such a good job playing with her or trading her so she doesn't take yours. 

You would read books all day long. Although tractors and trucks are your favorites, you have really been enjoying Bernstein Bears lately.  You're eager to learn about so much.

You enjoy creating real baked goods for others with mama, as well as pretend play in your kitchen.  I marvel at the great spreads you whip up for your stuffed animals.  Sometimes you do some 'canning' in your play kitchen.  And you've been saving seeds to plant next year.  You are your mama's son, that's for sure.

You have a special way of making people feel special.  You say kind things and do kind things.  You offer to help and you offer to share.  It's hard not to smile with much of what you say. 

Below is your questions that I will repeat each year.  But before you read that, I will wrap this up by saying we love you more than we could ever imagine.  You are the most special little boy.  I know you hate when I have to leave you-I must admit I miss you every minute I'm gone.  I love that we are together always when we are home. I love having you by my side, chatting with you and snuggling with you.  I am thankful that we have had so many memories, have such a strong bond. I pray we'll have many, many more years of experiencing memories together. I love you, my sweet farmer Adrian.

I asked you a list of questions that I hope to repeat every year. (Find your copy here).

Nicknames: Adri.  Farmer Adrian.

How old are you? 3

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite animal? Goats

What is your favorite book? Books about Trucks and Tractors

What is your favorite TV show? John Deere (which we really don't watch TV, so I'm not sure where you get this)

What is your favorite movie?  I don't know.

What is your favorite song?  Jesus Loves Me

What is your favorite food?  cinnamon toast

What is your favorite drink?  cow's milk

What is your favorite breakfast food?  cinnamon toast

What is your favorite snack?  graham crackers

What is your favorite outfit?  John Deere

What is your favorite game?  Firetruck games.

What is your favorite toy?  John Deere Tractor

Who is your best friend?  Nolan

What is your favorite thing to do? Play with dada

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Play tractors

What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  My pillow

Where is your favorite place to go? The zoo

What is your favorite restaurant?  Mama is best.

Where do you want to go on vacation? To see BOG.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to have cows and be a farmer.  I want to go to jail. (Daddy works at the jail).

What did you do on your birthday? Play John Deere


  1. Happy birthday, Adrian!!!! When you get your goats (you will need at least 2) your favourite drink will change from cows milk to goats milk. It's soooo much better. :-) Have a wonderful day sweet little man.

  2. Awww, I love this post! He is one cute little 3 year old! I think my favorite part was "although you say you want to get rid of your sister, you really do love her." haha! I think all siblings feel this way :) And I love how he specified his favorite drink as "cow's milk" not just "milk." I guess it's the farmer in him! Haha.

    Happy 3rd birthday, Farmer Adrian!



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