Oh rainy day.

A warm rain is what we awoke to.  A perfect opportunity for some rainy day fun.

An umbrella.
A mayo jar full of buttons.
And a puzzle.
Thrifted for $4.00.

Get us some rainy day fun.
While we do enjoy the porch livin'...

 That umbrella needed to be put to some good work.
 And it did.
 She stayed close to her mama watching, don't blame her in the least. 
 But he had puddle stomping to do.

Hope your Monday brings sunshine and not rain.  And if you do have rain, I hope you have your rainboots and an umbrella for some puddle jumping.


  1. Looks like fun! Especially the puddle jumping. I like to do that, too :) I like the clear umbrella!

  2. This is GREAT rainy day fun! Just look at all those leaves on the ground *sigh* no denying, fall is here.

    Wonderful photos!

  3. oh yes, puddle stomping is a MUST on rainy days! Very cute photos.



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