Craft Room.

Organizing a craft room-it wasn't a priority when moving in.  But you know, we've been here for 10 months now. It's about time.

I painted over wallpaper and gave the space a bright white.  Added the two pieces of furniture I recently refinished (click here for link).  And moved in.
Come on in, take a closer look.
Goal was a new craft space for free-so I painted, restored and pulled pieces from to and fro to get a space that will work for now. I, of course, have many more ideas to implement someday...

 Of course, with a helper, this space won't be 'neat' long if she is allowed to what she wishes in it.
 I will give you a sneak peek of a vintage pattern I found and have started.
I feel fortunate to have a space such as this for sewing.

Don't forget, it's Homemade Living Series Wednesday.

Check these out today:
Next Wednesday, I'll be joining and:


  1. How fantastic that you've got that wonderful space!

  2. Fabulous! A space of your own for sewing and crafting is really a must, if you are serious about it. And you definitely are. I love the vintage coat pattern and can't wait to see it 'all done up'.

  3. very nice! can't wait to see what else you do to the room.

  4. WOW I could really use your help in my sewing room:) Are you busy? Fantastic job. B

  5. So awesome! You've got everything at your fingertips for your beautiful creations :)

  6. Fantastic! What a lovely, well organized space!

    Thanks for sharing.



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