Thrifted. And randoms.
So, I think I'll add some random thoughts/pictures to my thrift shopping posts. 

First thing first-the scores:
1) A mini wooden rocker and little cart.  I had an idea when I saw these-hope to post that next week, maybe.
2) A math manipulative game.
3) 2 pieces of wool fabric.
4) Four pieces of vintage dishware.  (Did I mention I am purchasing more of these lately to replace the ones that keep breaking around here?  I'd rather have the cheap finds with character than buy a chintzy set from a discount/department store.)

Cost $5.10
Which I'm sure I could sell for more than I paid for.
And I think it dressed up our morning pancakes, don't you?

And now for the randoms:

1) Tomorrow will be the end of two weeks of flying solo.  I don't mind single parenting at all insofar as the work load, but I have missed having my husband here.
2) The out of routine has not had a great impact on my kids' behavior.  So today, I brought them outside and I sat with some sunflowers.  I picked sunflower seeds with both of them helping.  Time stopped.  We talked.  They were sprawled out across me.  We relaxed. And just like that, our balance with the three of us returned.  Thankful for that.
3) All of our meals are still based from garden items.  I love watching my kids eat-and enjoy- their veggies.  Even salads are scarfed up. I've been working on preserving.  Although we have less than we've had in years past, I am still working hard. Freezing broccoli, basil, beans.  Dehydrating kale and herbs.  Canning tomatoes, apple juice, apple sauce and apple butter.
4) I find myself looking at my perennials, overwhelmed.  I go through thinking "I did the best I could...this first year in this farmhouse" to thinking "Come on now, you didn't make the dent you wanted to this year, Jackie."  It is what it is.  And it's a mess.  But at least it's less of a mess than it was 10 months ago. (On a side note-you locals who would like perennials, let me know!)
5) We've been getting 8-11 eggs a day.  Which is great!  More than we need right now, which is a blessing.  The kids would eat eggs for breakfast daily (especially paired with banana bread). I am eager to use up the eggs making important things-like brownies.
6) My dad asked if the novelty of having goats has petered off.  Umm...nope.  Nor has having chickens...and we've had them for years.  Long and short of it, I birthed two farmers.  This is their thing.  Even baby girl wakes up and busts out an animal sound or two, requesting to go out to see her pals.
7)  I'm reminding you all of the giveaway that I'm doing right now.  Details here.   I'm more grateful for you readers these last two weeks. So many of you have been my company as I missed my husband.
8) Happy weekend!  What's in store for you?


  1. Congrats on your scores at the thrift store! Those dishes are lovely.

    Love reading about how you are making the connections for your kids. Just spending time together is enough.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love the transfer ware! I agree with you 100%. Real dishes are much preferable in my books. I'm in the process of phasing out our corning ware dishes. When one of those breaks (I can be pretty clumsy some times ;-) it doesn't just break, it shatters into a hundred teeny pieces and shards. Not good.

    I love your family values.

  3. Wow great finds at the thrift store. Love the dishes.
    I am so happy your husband is home again it is so nice to have everyone back together again. You are a great Mom. Hugs B

  4. I love those vintage dishes! Fabulous find! Those wood toys are awesome too.

    The flying solo parenting times can be tough but it sounds like you're handling it like a champ.

    I wish I could have goats and chickens (I think the condo board would be mad at me though).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  5. I'm so glad you'll have your hubby back home again :) I bet it is very hard to be a solo parent. I bet it's hard even with two parents haha. I love your dishes and I think you did get a great deal on them. The pancakes definitely look a little bit more fancy :)

  6. oh, so happy hubby is home at last. You always find the best things!

  7. My Grandmother had a whole set of those dishes...they reminded me of her when I saw yours...she would only use them at holidays and when 'La grande visite' (our relatives from California) would come to visit. Good memories, thank you. :) How do you freeze basil?? We love pesto, and I know I can freeze that but I also love fresh basil on pizzas and in sauces. I'd love to know what you do & how you do it if you don't mind. Thank you!

    1. I tried to respond to your message through Email, Terry, but you're a 'no-reply' blogger when I tried that. I hope you see this message!

      I always love to hear memories about vintage things...thanks for sharing. That is why I love vintage so! :)

      How I freeze basil is super, duper easy. I wash, chop and then freeze. You can freeze on a cookie sheet and then put into a plastic bag so they don't get mashed up or sometimes I freeze in baby food storage sized jars (perfect for individual cooking projects). I also have jars with chopped basil that's for pesto frozen. Some chop and put in ice cube trays with water and then dump the ice cubes into a plastic bag for individual servings. I know if you wanted to store long term, it might get freezer burned, but honestly, I have had zero problems freezing as long as I use over winter. Good luck giving it a whirl! :)

    2. I have no idea how to change that setting or even how you are able to reply to me other than on here...I'm a little tech challenged at times. I did click the 'see responses' so that on the off chance that you replied to my comment I'd see it..I don't always get responses so I was pleasantly surprised to see yours. Thank you for answering my question. I will try that! I'm a Maine woman myself and was happy to see that you were as I read through a few of your blog posts...I'll be honest, I came to your blog via someone else ~ I think it may have been via Cornerstone Country Market's share of your creamy Chicken Stew it was one of those days when I was looking for a bunch of different recipes for my Pampered Chef page and those are the days when I have 10 tabs up with recipes. I enjoyed your blog and tagged it on Pinterest as one that I want to return to again. :) Take care & thanks again.

    3. Thanks for following along, happy to have you, particularly as a fellow Mainer! I'm a big fan of Cornerstone Country Market. The chicken stew is pretty good...give it a whirl! :)



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