Fresh water.

The ocean is great, surely. Living in a coastal town, sometimes we get so focused on the salty sea that we forget the inland gems.  This is just a few miles from us, we're usually the only ones around, and it's a perfect place to breathe deeply and let one's heart grow full with all the love and beauty surrounded. And to top it off?  A little paddle as a family in the canoe my dad made (Thanks BOG).  Simple country fun at it's best.  And a chance for a busy mama to put up her tired feet? Well, all of us mamas could use a little of that, yes?

 (Can you read that quote? It's a good one.)  What's your fave tucked away spot?


  1. I so agree with that quote. Love that mag.
    So glad you are enjoying the gifts that come to you this summer.

  2. I love that quote (and that magazine). This looks like such a nice family day!



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