Quick dip.

These hot/humid days are not my thing.  I can't move, breathe, garden, exercise, function in heat/humidity. Which is why I will never move to Florida. 

A couple years ago, I had the realization that we live in a coastal town and rarely frequented the coast.  In effort to put a stop to that, I made a commitment to have sand in between my toes at least once weekly during the warmer times of the year here.  Now, that's no problem. Our toes are sandy sometimes daily.  I loathe crowds and we do live in vacationland, so noontime swimming is not my thing.  But, something magical happens here around 4pm.  People pack up. Be it back to the hotel, campsite, out to dinner, evening shopping, tourists are gone. Which leaves empty beaches, just the way I like to enjoy the coast.

Similarly, I grew up with quick evening dips at our camp on the St. Lawrence River.  This is from last year, but worth viewing again. So peaceful, serene. Can't get a better sunset. 

There's something magical about an evening along the water.  Especially on hot/humid days, a quick dip cools your body down, sometime making the air conditioner at home unnecessary.  Being outside during those longer days makes one appreciate the gifts of summer.  The relaxed pace invites more conversation.  I am always glad I went upon returning those evenings.  I fondly remember my evening dips as a child, I hope my children will remember their evening dips.

I rarely bring my camera when I go, but I decided to this once, and I'm glad I did.


  1. What a fun way to spend some family evening time.
    I hear ya about the humidity girl. That's one reason we're heading north!

  2. Ugh to the humidity! What a perfect time to spend family time at the coast! Very peaceful and serene.



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