Thrifted. A fast farmer. A little mama.

1) Thrifted.

Three old time mason jars. A carved wooden glass and bowl. Richard Scary (we love him) and another book with sweet pictures.  $5.00.
A red basket.  Four vintage transfer ware cups and saucers. $5.00  For real, each cup would sell for well beyond $5.00 if I was to resell.  And to whoever it was who asked what I do with all the dishes I collect, why, we use them!  When I insist on using fancy as much as possible, things break.  Replacing them for fifty cents is worth the fancy meals, I say.

2) A fast farmer, filling up this bottle again and again for his livestock.
 3) Mother hen. Who insists on babywearing, quite often these days. Where does she learn that?
 It's mighty cute, I tell you.


1 comment:

  1. Great thrifteds! We love Richard Scarry too, although I've never seen that particular book. Love those Mason jars with gaskets!



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