I think I'll always remember this day.
 Night before, we met the ticket collector.  (Adrian sparked up a conversation, a farming conversation, naturally). He suggested we come on aboard the next day.

Which, we did.

 With our best pals too.

  It was so peaceful.
 Bright sun, cool breeze.
 Beautiful scenery.

It was the type of ride that you hoped went on forever.
 I even put my feet up, closed my eyes and breathed the mountain air.
 It was really perfection.
 Which interestingly enough, the next day, things happened around these parts that we didn't expect at all. Things that threw us for a loop and changed a lot of our plans.
 You know what's great?
 We have each other.
 And that which we thought was really rocking our boat...hardly has rocked our boat at all.

And for a little smile, hometown and college town and town close to current town listed in these railroad artifacts. Pretty neat.

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  1. Simple pleasures really help us to see what's important. Enjoy.



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