Thrifted. Berry kids.

1) Thrifted

 1) Tevas for my son. A brand new game.  A flip top jar, gallon size (perfect for storing yogurt) and a whole bunch of lace incase a certain bride needs some for last minute wedding décor.  $10.00
 LL Bean Goretex boots (!!!), a mixing bowl, a brand new thermos (love for bringing hot food to work!) two books, two brand new packs of construction paper and a Lands End coat for me. $10.00

To all you readers who have not thrifted, I totally encourage you to give it a whirl! 

And just for fun, my strawberry pickers. (Or more accurately, my strawberry eaters.)


  1. Where do you thrift? You find amazing items!

  2. You find so many great thrifted items! We love our tevas!

    How can you NOT resist eating while picking fresh strawberries?!

    Wishing you a lovely day.



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