Strawberry PIcking: 2014

Goodness, I was just looking at the shots from 2013, so nostalgic.

There's nothing like sun ripened berries, just picked.  They melt in your mouth, they truly do. And to share such an event with my loved ones? Bliss, I tell you. Particularly when the neighboring pickers comment on how well behaved my littles are.  Now, that makes a mama proud.  Someday we'll have enough berries that we won't need to pick. But until then, we don't mind a morning sampling berry sweetness elsewhere.

And, for the record, there is now way I'm apologizing that strawberry shortcake was dinner.  Worth every calorie.


  1. Oh man, those look good! Our strawberry season is long over! Enjoy it, girl!

  2. They look delicious! Looks like fun picking them! Fresh strawberry shortcake is one of my favorites. :)

  3. That looks soooo delicious! I'm on my way to Maine.....coming over for dinner. :)



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