Meet: The Hennies! ~Chickens for Your Little Farmers~

Remember the chicken coop that I posted back in April? Well, that picture went all around facebook and got a lot of love.  And I got a ton of Emails asking if I sold them. Selling coops isn't in the cards, it's a heavy item to mail.  But, I wondered if I could create something else that was a simple, marvelous chicken play item, that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to mail. So, here you have it, something that I've been working on for the last 2 months-a simple play toy that invites imagination and encourages pretend play, made by me, just for you and your little farmer (s).  You can find them at etsy at or you can just click the "for sale" tab above. Here they are!

Introducing:  Hennies.  Hennies are sweet chickens with gentle dispositions, fresh from the brooder, and eagerly awaiting you to adopt. 

These girls are hand crafted by a chicken loving mama. Each hen has at least some part of her upcycled (such as fabric/felt scraps, thrifted clothing, ribbons from gift bags, the interiors from laundered pillows, etc.), and therefore each may be a slight variation from the picture shown. They are upcycled to be environmentally conscious and to keep the prices down for the adoptive farmers.  Meet Bloom!
Bloom is one of many.

Each comes with one hen (first picture shown Height 3in, Width 1 3/4in Depth 4 in.), an upcycled origami nesting box (from paper bags), wool hay and a wooden egg.

They also come with a birth certificate detailing their date of birth, their breed and the unique and special details specific to their breed. Certificate is as follows:

Name: _______________
Date of Birth: _____________
Breed: Bloom
Likes: Watermelon and flower tops
Favorite Season: Spring
Lays: Light brown eggs

These chickens fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are perfect for little boys or girls. (Small parts, not for children under 3).

You can buy just one (it fits perfect in one's purse for restaurants/doctor visits) or you can collect more of the same breed or one of each breed to fill your coop. Stop by again, as more breeds may become available. If you see one you like, make sure to purchase it straight away, as some breeds are endangered of becoming extinct. Collecting is best, as hens do prefer living in a flock.

Imaginative play, simple toys and creativity are such joys of childhood. Adorable moments of play are sure to be in your future with these little gems.

More pictures .

Don't you think you could use one in your house?       


Who would you bring home?

 Who would you give one to?
 The brooder is full, ready to be shipped.
 And tell me, who would be playing with your henny most?  There's a lot of memories to be made with your little henny.


  1. Oh you are so clever and talented good luck with the venture and the draw. I need not be entered I have no children around to share with but they are so cute and I am sure they will be loved and cherished. Love Lively. Hug B

  2. Oh.My.Stars. Those are just too sweet. I don't have any littles anymore, but I think I might have to get some anyway! How will your wee ones ever part with them? Fabulous!!!

  3. These are truly adorable!

  4. How cute! I'd put one on my desk at work, in my elementary library. And on my christmas tree :) bet you'll sell a bunch!
    Nancy @LittlehomesteadinBoise

  5. I forgot- I'll share on my FB page and blog...

  6. I put it on my pinterest page too :) I bet you'll sell a bunch!!!

  7. I love Bloom, my daughter would play with it :)

  8. Hooorayyyyy!!!!! Love, love, LOVE them and the photos!! :) Pinning it.

  9. Hennies are fantastic! My granddaughters would love to play with them. They would carry them everywhere!

  10. I shared on my Facebook page, my daughter would love a Hennie. She loves collecting eggs with her Grampie when we visit them.

  11. The hennies are adorable! I shared on my facebook page here -->

    I think both of my boys and daughter would love a little hennie to match their backyard friends ;D

  12. Shared on Pinterest and Facebook! Would love on of these little Hennies form my desk (I'm a future agricultural education teacher!) and if not my desk then I know my nephew would love playing with her. So cute!!

  13. Oh so cute! I shared on my fb page. My 2 year old son would love playing with one of these. I personally love Bloom, but they are all really cute! Below is the link to my facebook post.



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