Thrifted. Randoms.

I keep finding pictures from a bit ago I forgot to show you.

 Large basket, barn photo, Shrek, two curtain rods, critter container, large 2 gallon jar and tall snap lid jar (that you could probably fit long pasta in). $7.00
 Holstein bag, vintage alphabet tin, animal print scarf, four vintage napkins and a game still in the plastic. $5.50
 And from the expensive thrift store, Two puzzles, drums, fun books. $10.00.  Still a deal!

A dob bed, bone, ball and leash I crafted to go to with this little dog that matches our dear friend's dog.  One happy five year old was the result!
 Bread for sale. Makes me smile.
 Evening farm fun.


 I just love my crazy crew.


  1. So many great finds here! I love the 2 gallon jar and that basket is awesome!

    Those little drums are precious!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Good deals! It inspires me to go out and look for stuff for me:)

  3. So many good things here to be grateful for! You've definitely got an eye for thrift store / yard sale finds. Great deals!

  4. Boy, you find some good stuff. You are a thrifting maven!

    That bread sure looks yummy.

  5. Fantastic deals! Love the glass containers and the curtain rods! Your bread looks delicious and I love seeing all the pictures of you & the family having fun!



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