Mama Made: New Doll. And her birthday run down.

So, let me tell you, those homemade dolls that go for hundreds of dollars?  Well, I understand why.  This doll took me many, many hours.  But it's worth it, as I just love her.
 I designed her to be the same size as a Cabbage Patch doll.  That's because I have ~20+ outfit patterns to fit a cabbage patch.  I have my old Cabbage Patch, but I thought a new doll would be fun. The first pattern is this simple dress here. If I keep going, she'll have quite the wardrobe.

And a rundown of her birthday. She refused to wear her party dress.  Had some of her favorite people over.

She wanted "panpapes and sauce". So we had pancakes and apple sauce.
 Which made her super happy.
 She didn't want any other cake than pancakes.
  I asked her if I made one with cinnamon sugar and frosting if she'd like it. She said yes. (Cinnamon Swirl Cake recipe here.)
 We sang, she blew out the candle.

 She cheered and said "Do it again!"
 So we did round 2.

 Mighty exciting, I tell you.
 But, she won't eat it. She won't eat cake. She hates cake. How can that be? It's not even normal to not like cake. Yet, I birthed a child who won't eat cake?!  She licked the frosting and said she was done. 
 Ah, but she does love presents.
 And here she is getting the doll I made her.  It was a great birthday and it's great to have a two year old!


  1. That doll is amazing! What a great gift!
    I wish I had that problem of not liking cake! ;0D

  2. Happy Birthday oh what fun and the doll will be her best friend forever I love it. Hug B

  3. How cute, and I LOVE your rocking chair!!!

  4. Your pictures always make me smile! Love the doll. Can I have one too? @;)

  5. Fantastic doll! Great birthday celebration!

  6. I love love love the doll. The photos are all so adorable. :) And what in the world? She doesn't like cake???? How can that be? lol



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