Apple Picking 2014

Now, if you're a follower, you'd notice the apple dress I posted for her two days ago, the apple shirt I posted yesterday.  What fun are matching outfits without a chance to model them for mama's camera together?  How about some apple picking fun? 

In case you missed:
Here's 2013.
Here's 2012.
Here's 2011.

This year's apple picking was just my littles and me...with an apple festival just before the apple picking. It's a marvelous festival at a former Shaker Village, this one, featuring hand crafted wonders by true artists, great food, music, kids zone (which my kids are never interested in anyway). Lots of great stuff going on.  I was by myself and didn't pull out the camera until we were in a space where crowds were thinner. Just us is what I love best, not only for taking pictures, but when we can shut everything else out and just find a little niche for us...that's when time stops and I enjoy our days off together most.

And the pony rides? They couldn't wait.
 First him, so serious.

 She wasn't sure, but she did it.

And then a little My fave part.

 A walk to find machinery. 

 (And a quick selfie....I swear I was there).

And then there was this bale. Just this random bale.  I just sat there for the longest time, watching them, as they came up with a whole play schema related to said bale.

I could have sat there for hours. But alas, there were apples to pick.  That is what we came for anyway. So, the walk back.

 To the tractor ride.

By the time it was actually apple picking time, neither had any energy to pick. I don't think they put one apple into our bags. 

 On a scale of 1-10, I'd give this day an 11. It's so nice when those days happen-days when you cannot imagine a day being any better.  A day when blessings are counted again and again. Thankful.

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  1. They always manage to find the lone tractor, don't they? This looks like a wonderful, wonderous time.



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