Vacation Highlights #4

Adrian: "Dada, staying here is just like what my dreams looks like. Tractors, combines, cows and corn all planted.  Mama, thank you for bringing me here."

Where I grew up is farm country and fantasy becoming reality for Adrian.  I did not have my camera for all of his farming related stuff we did.  In addition to these photos posted below, he got to drive my dad's Massey Ferguson, he saw cows and more cows-each day, he got to tour machinery sheds and sit on a combine for the first time ever.  We also spent hours sitting along side the road or in our car, watching "The farming show", which is also known as watching haying in action.  Even the neighbors commented on how he couldn't keep his eyes off of them when they were spreading manure. This is his scene, without doubt.

Miss Audra? She'd play caregiver to kittens all day long.  She's a mighty good sister tolerating her brother's obsession. 

Our dog, Kammie?  Well, she had a mighty fine time rolling in manure, repetitively.  Lucky me.

Anyway, thank you so much to my cousins, who took this little farmer under their wing. He is still talking about all he saw.

Farming highlights?


 Manure spreading.

 More cows.



 And kittens.

 Kittens and cows....everyone happy.



 My animal lovers.

 Until the next farming adventure, we'll just "farm on" in our living room.  Someday, I suspect we will not need to travel further than our very own barn for a cow.  Adrian has plans, that's for sure.


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  1. Looks like a fabulous time. And isn't it wonderful how he expresses that he's already living his dream? These kids have it good!



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