Vacation Highlights #2

Wedding fun. I could fill this whole week up with beautiful photos of the bride, groom, wedding party and the like....such a marvelous day. However, the only faces published in this space are those of my own kids (and sometimes their grandparents), as I tend to keep all others anonymous. I can assure you though, the oodless of pictures I took this day include smiles upon smiles of people we love dearly. Thankful for this day and the celebration of love, friends and family.

 (Flower girl dresses made by me.)

 (And the only picture of me-a selfie I took myself.....just to prove I was there!)


  1. What a beautiful place for a wedding. Love that sign too. Your kids are so precious.

  2. What a beautiful wedding!! I agree with Daisy - adore the sign. The photos of the kiddos are just so wonderful. Looks like a wonderful time. :)

  3. Gorgeous wedding! The children are so adorable!



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