We borrowed a friend's daughter and their fresh air kid for an afternoon recently.

You know what we did? 

We had a picnic.

We went for a walk to see horses.

We picked wild blueberries.

We picked a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers.

We and fed the goats some grain.

We held chickens.

We picked snacks from the garden and consumed them right there.

We played in the secret garden. 

It's all stuff we normally do, but we did all of this in the span of a few hours. Would we have done all this on that particular afternoon if it was just the kids and me? Likely not, as there would have been one chore or another that would have gotten in the way.

Sometimes sharing that which we love with others ends up being an unexpected gift for ourselves.  That afternoon was full of good things I treasure, it was an afternoon to remember.  And those pesky chores? I don't even remember what they were. They got done when the time was right. Chores will always be there, but memories can slip away before we have the chance to make them.

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