It's been weeks since I've uploaded pictures of my 'junk' to show you (that's what my dad calls it). Junk? Treasures!  Here's some:

A cow trivet. Books, books and more books. A never been worn pair of red leather sandals, a vintage wire hoops, another trivet and I let the kids pick out a random bowl because ours keep breaking.  $4.50
Aren't these fun?!

And this random $5.00 lamp. It's electric. I ought to take a picture of it nestled in its new home. I just love it.
And more:
 A wooden potato bin, a metal shopping cart, three Eric Carle puzzles, a basket, a mug and a clock that has a quiet tick tock (I miss having one of them!). $6.50.   The puzzles still had price tags on them, just one was worth more than what I paid for the whole lot.

That mug makes me happy.
 And what makes me even more happy is how happy this little shopping cart made them.  Once we got it (for $0.75), he insisted we walk from the thrift shop to the farmer's market to get corn. It was two blocks, he marched along, picked out his corn, paid for it, popped it in his cart and then proceeded to walk back to the car.  So serious and adorable. The coordinators of the farmer's market took his picture and put it on their website.
 This kid....



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