It's fall.

It's fall. I mean it's not official fall yet, but the temperature has been dropping.

Meaning it's sweater weather.
 Oh, I do love a sweet girl in a homemade sweater.

 And eggs for breakfast. Something to warm the belly is the plan.
 Sweater weather, yes, but not so cold that we can't run outside barefoot.
(And one must run fast to warm up, which means it's nearly impossible to get a clear picture.)
Did I mention I love a little girl in a sweater?  And perhaps a mama made dress under it?

And it's soccer time.  A sport I love, and his first whirl at it.

 And earlier evenings...early enough that mama declared it's movie night. (2nd time since last Christmas...I really ought to be kinder and declare more nights movie nights, as movie night is loads of fun.)
 But alas, movie night all cozied up together. 
 Or sometimes it's just the random snuggle under a blanket, just to warm up a bit, like here.

Fall, we're embracing you and your changes, and look forward for all you have to bring to us this time of year.

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