His Four Year Old Birthday Recap

The fun spread across a couple days since I worked a long day on the day of his actual birthday. But two days of birthday?  Hardly a problem.  He said to me just a bit ago, "Mama, I like this being old thing. You know, being four? It's fun." 

Good thing, little guy, as you get to be four for a whole year!

The evening set up:
 The morning surprise.
 A vintage red fire truck.
 Another John Deere, as if we don't have enough.  Obviously he was so excited that I couldn't get a clear picture.
 And opening more...cloth bags....I tell you, the best wrapping ever.
 And the mama made crown.
 I read him Richard Scarry for over two hours total for his birthday.
Blueberry coffee cake. Recipe coming tomorrow.

 And he wanted to go 'out to lunch'.

 They got their fave.
Vegetarian love for me.

And his fave gifts from grandparents: His wheelbarrow.
 And his new shirt. "Will trade sister for tractor."  hmm.

 He's been hauling all sorts of stuff.
 Mainly wood. He's been doing a lot of wood lately.
So happy to have a four year old.

Happy for the special memories.

And excited for the year to come.


  1. Oh my gosh, that shirt is a riot! So glad he got just what he wanted. Simple things make them happy. It's been wonderful getting to know your wee ones.

  2. What a lucky lucky boy. Love the pics. Happy Birthday. Hug B



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