This weather. We were outside this weekend with no coats and then this morning for milking before sunrise it was so so so cold. We have no snow...yet.  In fact, it's raining right now. I'm sure snow is right around the corner. Maine is confused what season it is, apparently.

 It's the season of dark evenings.  On work days, I'm doing evening chores in the pitch black. It's dark here at 4:30!  Not so much a fan of it being dark so soon. But on those cold evenings, I have my little girl on my back, my little boy holding my hand as we walk out to the pasture to bring those cows back to the barn. It's something special being outside, just us, when the rest of the world is inside. A big beautiful starlit sky or a full moon make these dark evenings more magical.
 Weather comes, weather goes. There's magic in each season so long as we take the time to notice.

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  1. The first shot of your wee one with that fantastic porch behind her. That's magic!



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