Oh those cats...

In the apartment dwelling days, our cats were exclusively indoor cats.  When we moved to our first home in the woods, I could hear the fisher cats at nights sometimes, so our cats were indoor cats.  When we moved here to the farm, the only cats we moved were Lucy (who we still have and she lives in a drawer...by choice) and Harley (who was old and getting sicker. He has passed away.).  Both indoor cats back in the day.  We wanted to do something about the mouse situation in the barn and set off to get a barn cat.  Then we got Zoom. Zoom was always an indoor/outdoor cat at his previous foster care home and is the same here. (Can't keep him in!). And then Zip found us. He just moved into the barn and Audra ended up bringing him inside. 

So now we have two cats who do everything possible to get outside by day and do everything possible to get in at night. 

I must say that I love having them around outside. We randomly find them in places as they run up to us for a little scratch or snuggle.  Just seeing one sprawled and sunning himself makes our place seem so much like home. 

And Audra, our cat lover.  Where there's a cat, there's our Audra. A good chunk of her day is spent smothering...err....snuggling the cats.  (I cannot believe they do not run from her!).

Shall we play a little game of "I spy?".  Or "Can you find the cat?"

 Oh, and that kitty dress.  I posted a pic when I finished making it, but never posted one with my model. It's her most favorite dress. It suits her perfectly. 

Oh those cats...helpful on the mouse front, good company and great to snuggle. Thankful for our feline friends.


  1. I love the picture of her in the chair with the cat!! I too, was always a cat lover. My father was allergic, so I was never allowed to have one. I dragged home many kittens that I "found", only to have to take them back. Now I have five! I'm stopped at that number only by my husband!!

  2. The cats look well fed, guess they're doing their job



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