In our kitchen, with kids.

If you've been around these parts long enough, you know that I'm in the kitchen A LOT.  And you'd know that I fully embrace having helpers in the kitchen. Sure, it's more work then they first start, but with practice, they are definitely helpful. A 3 and a 5 year old are already helpful.

Case in point.

Leftover oatmeal muffins.  No stirring done by me.

 This kid can crack an egg better than me.

 I can shred the cheese while they spread the sauce.
 Using all this milk is a laborious process. They are always grabbing me a spoon/wipe/etc or shutting the mixer/food processor off. 
The most butter I've ever made in a week.

Homemade greek pita pizzas. All ours.

Spinach dip. *Almost* all ours.

A great way to use our homemade BBQ sauce, sour cream and cheese.  Hawaiian nachos.
 When it comes to cheesemaking, he knows how to cut the curd.

And this little lady enjoys stirring the whey out of the curds.
My day to day includes kitchen work with them. I wouldn't have it any other whey...err....way.  Love little hands in the kitchen. .

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