His Bow Tie

The start of this story was when our homeschool co-op announced the Christmas concert dress code. A dress code that was not farming apparel. (Shocking, huh?!)

"I'm not wearing a red sweater. I'm not. No way. No one is going to know I'm a farmer."

This went on for days/weeks.  Sometimes with tears.  This child is certainly well aware of how to make an ant hill into Mt. Washington (hello to my NH peeps!). 

I finally came up with a suggestion...how about a bow tie with cows or tractors? That way everyone would know he's a farmer.

Well, he thought that was plausible.

What a relief.

Truth: I was stitching this in the dark by the overhead light in the car on the way to the concert. (Don't worry, my husband was driving).   I clipped threads in the church as I was putting it on him. It worked though. He was content.

Goodness, it looked dashing. 

But I was NOT allowed to take a picture.  Who knows, he might have been afraid you couldn't see the farming in the picture?

Here it is...the emergency farming piece that saved the day.

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