Growing up, 4-H was so much a part of my childhood.  From cooking class to public presentations to modeling my homed clothes to showing rabbits to camp to woodworking, basketmaking, gardening, animal care, sewing, community service and the list goes on.  My mom was the leader. We were a part of the "Golden Starts" club.  I started as soon as I was old enough and was in the club until my mom was too sick to keep it going.  It's where I developed friendships, learned my skills, found my passions and gained confidence.  I put all my fair money in the bank as a kid and that money paid for us to elope and get married nearly 10 years ago! 

I always knew I wanted to get our kids involved in 4-H. I'm so thankful for the 'Nature Kids' club and the awesome crew, who let us come aboard before we could officially be registered. We've had 2 years of attending and participating and now gearing up for year 3, Adrian can finally officially join.  What's really neat is our kids are 3rd generation 4-Hers, as my mom was a 4-Her as a kid as well.

We just had the annual 4-H achievement night, which is so different from the achievement nights we had as a kid ( swimming and ice skating...in the same night).  I really like the event for our local group...they got to choose three classes, then pizza and then awards.  Fun times with our 4-H 'family'.

So here's my little plug for 4-H.  If you haven't looked into it for your kids/grandkids, I recommend doing so. It's not just a 'club', it's a way of life. It's about learning the skills that are no longer taught in schools. It's about finding passions, learning new things, working with your hands and falling in love with learning. It's a big piece of what has made me who I am today.

And now I bring you pine pillows, paper snowflakes, penny auction winnings, the randomness and silliness that comes from a little sister heading up on stage with big brother (which at least she looks cute in her mama made dress) and his achievement.

Long story short. We love 4-H.


  1. How adorable. 4 Her here, too.....I remember the skirt I made. My mom did NOT sew at all. It was a pale green cotton...there was not much choice in fabric in our nearest town, still the 5 &10 ( now there is none, as that store is GONE). I had chickens, flowers and then got totally focused on out Horse and Pony 4H club...
    Glad they are having a good, and it is the BEST when you have involved parents...not ones that drop them off at the door and go home...

  2. Should be "just" the 5&10......

  3. So cool. Your Littles will have so many good times awaiting them.
    I know I'd be a different person if I had grown up with 4-H. Wish they had it for grown-ups. (I'm a late bloomer.) ;0D



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