This weather....

It's nearly Christmas and we live in Maine. It makes no sense we're outside without coats.  Those last projects I tend to save until right before the impending snowfall are still undone as we have had zilch. None, nada, zip.   No snow yet at all.  We were browsing at the Tractor Supply and they had 50% off bulbs. So I bought tulips and planted them in December. The kids are outside playing in mud quite a bit as of late, as we've had so much what could have been snow, but it's rain. I'm still collecting greens for dinner from the garden. It's high 60s on sunny days on our 3 season porch, so we're still eating out there quite frequently. I usually don't put lights up, but did this year, and went outside to observe the finished product in the rain....not snow.  Last year at this time, we were buried in snow.  I don't get this weather one bit.

Although the weather is quite weird, we're embracing it.  Digging worms, doing chores and running in the fields are a lot easier without snowpants anyway.


 (Along with the playing kids, note the new door and the siding around the house windows...wooden clapboards, just like the original. Thanks BOG!)


  1. I can't imagine being able to eat everyday at that table overlooking your property. Wow. Such a blessing. 60's and no jackets? Brrrr! We'd have at least 2 layers on! ;0D You're a true Yankee! (I'm one too.)

  2. 60 Degrees is nearly shorts weather in Maine :) I am loving this, we have snow up here but it's still been unseasonably warm. I've only filled our oil tank once so far, and we sold our pellet stove. I could get used to this!



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