Oh ChristmasTree


I have not been in the holiday spirit. At all.

All the holiday jazz feels like one more chore as of late. We bought lights last year to do the outside of the house. They are still in the box. The Christmas decorations have been in their boxes in the living room for a week. While we've baked and done crafts, nothing Christmasy.  The advent calendar was just started, a week late. I put getting a tree on our to do list today because I figured it ought to be done when we were a home.

Well, we did it.

And you know, I'm glad. Because the joy in their faces, their excited chatter, their enthusiasm for the Christmas season...it's a wee bit contagious.  Glad I'm getting a wee bit of excitement back since there is a tree laying on my living room floor. 

Decking those halls is the agenda for tomorrow.

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