Winning. Sort of.

This week, I don't feel like I'm winning at anything. I'm either moving in reverse, treading water, near drowning or completely in the wrong river at the wrong time.

I'm going to call this a sort of win. I've meant to do this for the last couple years. I put the Christmas books we already own (but were hidden in the attic) in gift bags that I've saved. Every night before bed for the month of December, they choose a bag with Christmas books from years prior to read before bed.  Ideally, 25 bags and 25 books would be perfect.  Or if you're like me, you're starting a week late and need way less bags.

If not this year, be collecting for next year. Save your gift bags.  Collect those Christmas books at thrift stores.   Get everything set up so ready to go the first of December. And give me a nudge to be ready on time too.



  1. I love this idea! I am sure there is an excitement in picking a new bag!

  2. in years past I've wrapped all our books/movies and numbered them. I couldn't get with it this year so I wrapped one box and put all the Christmas books in it, then she gets to pick one or two to read before bed. I've noticed two things... 1) less waste, and time wasted, 2) but we read the same 3-4 books over and over. Preschoolers!

  3. We store all of our seasonal books in our old trunk until it is time for decorating. Then we bring out the old books. It's kind of like getting a gift!



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