Goodness, how did it get to be midnight?  It seems that the days just are zooming past. We had a marvelous Country Kids party (thank you to all who came!).  Today was a long work day, home in the garden with my littles, bedtime  and then taking care of more tomatoes (as I simultaneously stare at the new five gallon of additional ones that I just brought in).  I then made a marvelous pasta salad with our own veggies for dinner tomorrow. And now I blink and it's time for bed.  Before I know it, it will be time to milk again.The harvest days are good, but oh so full.  I am not complaining about the bounty, just a little worn out from the work. Alas, I cannot end a day without some celebration, so here's one.  Reading buddies.
 I just love when Adrian is so serious about something that makes me giggle. This is their favorite chicken, floppy comb.  So glad floppy is becoming literate.

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