Right about now is about that time of year that I start to feel like I've really had enough of this preserving thing.  So much to do day after day. So many messes, jars, scraps. Plus I'm trying to figure out this surplus milk management. It's taking over my "spare" time. I think I spend more time in the kitchen than I do in my bed! I went to add some more applesauce into my canning storage and just looked at what I've done thus far.  No wonder I'm tired.  There's a lot down there. I never really looked at what I did, I just fired up the canner and then shoved on a shelf.  Really, I'm not trying to complain. I feel blessed, really blessed!  This is what I want too.....all this homegrown love that my littles can grow up on.  It's just that I won't be sad when there's nothing left to process and I can just sit at my sewing machine and hum away during my spare minutes.

And someday I hope to carve out a little time to use all these 4 leaf clovers.  A random 'talent' I have is spotting 4 leaf clovers.  Ever since I was young, I spot them right and left, not even looking for them!  If  I do find one, I sometimes look right and left to see if it's a lucky spot. Usually not, though. Usually there's just one four leaf clover. Not today though.  I looked and hit the jackpot. I got all of these in just a couple minutes.  It's been since I was a kid that I'd have a haul like this.  Mostly in my cookbooks, you'd find hundreds of four, five and six leave clovers, pressed and waiting for a project. 

Tell me, what would you create with a surplus of 4-leaf clovers?!  And tell me you're a little bit tired of canning, freezing and dehydrating too.

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  1. I'd dry them and make a mini bouquet in a vase :) Get some rest! Preserving time is over for me...



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