First Days 2015

I keep seeing all these adorable shots of the first days of school.  Even though my kids are schooled at home and we sort of never really have end dates/start dates, I figured we can again celebrate another year of them at home with a few pictures.

I asked them to show me how they felt about school at home.

 The same way I feel about it, actually. It makes us all quite happy to embrace learning at their pace and to dive into what really interests them.
 This picture is the first day at their once a week homeschool co-op. She is obviously excited.
 He's furious that I signed  him up. Alas, he liked it afterall and we will return.
 But, most of our days will be spent learning at our favorite place in the whole entire world. Home.


  1. Congrats on another year of homeschooling!!! :)

  2. That's the best place to learn! When my boy was younger, we used to bake a cake on the first day of school to celebrate the fact that we had the freedom to learn at home. Enjoy your schoolyear!



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