I get up 2 hours before I have to leave if it's just me leaving, 2 1/2 hours earlier if I'm leaving with my littles. All that time to make sure the chores are completed prior to departure.  Today, I got up to milk and tend the animals, worked a 10 hour day, came home to collect eggs, bring the animals into the barn, fill waters, and on the list goes.  Like book ends, I start my day and end my day in the barn. Most often with my littles coming along for the ride, one very helpful, the other climbing something dangerous.  At the end of the day today, I have my fridge full of milk and eggs, feta setting on the counter, leftovers of a homemade/homegrown meal for dinner, homemade cookies for dessert and lots of poundage of food to preserve when I have a minute.  It's a busy life, yes. But it feels full and good. I don't mind going out to do those barn chores. The pace and rhythm of us walking together, talking about our day as we start and about it as we put the animals to bed. The barn is really a happy place, for all of us. 

And just for fun, a couple pictures I stumbled upon from last year.

And this one from this year. It was uploaded to be posted yesterday, but it didn't load. It's too good to miss.
And for tomorrow, we have another addition.  I know, I know. I said we wouldn't. Stay tuned for tomorrow, there's lots to say about this one.

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