Our New Addition

I know, I know. I said 'no more animals.' It's been nearly 3 weeks now, so I ought to share.

Meet Holly.
 Holly was a surprise, a very very big surprise, brought home by my husband.  The good news? We're still married.  I really needed a puppy to care for like I need five more pounds. But she arrived.

I did know about her. She's a stray born in a Walmart parking lot down south. My husband met her and fell in love with her. He saw her at work and when she became adoptable, he decided to bring her home. 

She is a very, very sweet girl. She is so loveable and is learning better manners. I'm hoping she'll start always peeing outside and find something a little less destructive to chew...but what can one expect with a puppy?  She gets along with all of our animals and our kids. She loves living here.

She came with the name "Sammy", which coincidently is the same name our other dog came with.
Adrian wanted to name her Rudolf, but I exercised my veto power on that one. He wanted something Christmasy, so we sang Christmas songs until we got to "Holly Jolly Christmas".  "That's the one!", so he said.  Holly.

All in all, she is a love and I am growing to love her, even though she's a ton of work. She is here to stay.


  1. Looks like your kids have found a friend for life. Enjoy...

  2. Holly is so adorable and looks like she was meant to be a part of your family!

  3. Ahhhhhhh!!! Adorable, adorable, adorable!! She was meant to be with your family. :) Your post was hilarious - got me from chuckling to full out laugh in seconds.

  4. I must have missed this post, how sweet! I love the pictures of the kids running with the dogs. My boys would have so much fun at your house!!



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