My sweet little girl finally has enough hair for braids.

She remembers the braids I'd do each day for our fresh air kiddo and wanted me to do the same for her.

It's a feat for this feisty one to sit still long enough. Sometimes she says she wants braids, but then I find her hugging a chicken, doing somersaults, jumping off of who knows what or standing on top of the swingset (as in on the roof, enter an imminent panic on mama's part). All in 30 seconds, mind you. Sometimes she comes and sits for them, sometimes she's too busy. But she asks for them, daily.

Oh, I'm happy to do that for you, little one.
 Braids and curls it is.




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  1. So adorable. I can understand her excitement! I was so thrilled when my hair was long enough to braid and now I wear them almost daily! A gal's pleasure!



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