Farmer Superhero

My west coast "twin", Julie, has this adorable little boy who is super into super heroes.  As in wears his cape everywhere. I remember telling her that my kids have never really played super heroes. 

Well, all that has changed. 

Enter his "most favorite stick ever" (which has been attached to him for the day) and a play silk with cow print. 

He got his gear on and hollered to me. "Mama! I'm "Farmer Superhero", I can do superhero things around this farm! I have to go and be the Farmer Superhero! There's so much to do!"

Off he went. I  have no idea what sorts of things require a Farmer Superhero around these parts, but he is most convinced we need one.  It's quite time consuming stuff, there must be lots of work.  It involves lots of running and hollering. I heard the word "save" muttered a few times too. 

Oh, and this work required a sidekick.   He got the closest thing to his cape for her, a zebra silk.  We can all just pretend it's a cow, so I told him. He liked that idea.

It seems that there is no farming scenario that is too big for this duo! They are brave, fast and helpful for the farmers! There's so much to do!

I really ought to hire them out.  Everyone could use a superhero to help them out (and perhaps a little entertainment from them as well).

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