Tails are back!

Yesterday while I was at work, I got this Email from my husband that said "Tails are back!".  I had no idea what he was talking about until I clicked on the picture.
I squealed! The tails! How could I forget about the tails?

When Adrian was ~ 19 months, he became obsessed with tails. Talked about tails all the time.  He'd talk himself to sleep like this "Mama no no tail. Kamkam tail es (yes). Dada no no tail. Pap no no tail. Harley tail es (yes)...and on he'd go through all his favorite people/animals, saying "no no tail" or "es" for "yes".  And then he'd repeat. It was the cutest thing ever.  He'd see people and check to be sure they didn't have a tail.  Adorable.

 Back then, I made him a tail. He LOVED it and wore it all the time. So I made him a set. Four tails. After he got dressed, he'd pick a tail. Everyday. It was his fave accessory. He had four tails but would only wear 3/4 of the tails.  He made me wear the elephant.  Which I suppose was a tad fitting, as I was very pregnant at the time. I did go to the grocery store during that time with an elephant tail.  Sleep deprived a weee bit and wearing tails to random stores.  Cute when you're 19 months, not so cute when you're 30+.

Anyway, it made me supper happy to get that tail picture. I went searching for more.  I'd love for them to make a comeback. Make your own directions here.
 Hopefully this little trip down memory lane will make you smile as it did me.


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