A bit of refinishing....

My poor husband.  Although he doesn't complain and goes with the flow...I know I'm so confusing to him.  If it's new, I must paint it to look old.  If it's old and painted, I must strip it back to the original piece. He just looks at me funny when I tell him what I'm planning on doing, not saying a word.  He's definitely a guy who thinks 'eh, good enough' about...well...most everything in the decorative world. But, he is amazing at praising my accomplishments, enthusiastically exclaiming, "It looks AWESOME!" once completed. I am pretty confident his inner voice is really saying "I don't know why she would want to put hours of work into that...but if I say that, she may not make me cookies..." I'm happy he keeps those thoughts to himself.  Regardless, I'm thankful he lets me carry on with my crazy ideas.  

This is a folding table piece I got at a local antique shop. (Did you know I live in an epic center of antiquing.  Well, maybe "epic" isn't the word, but there's a TON of antiquing going on in these parts...tourists flock her for antiques.  After Christmas deals is where it's at for locals.  I digress...). It's a fabulous antique wooden folding table.  It's a sturdy as anything. I've been meaning to sand it down until the bare bones for about 5 years.  No time like the present.  On a whim, I somehow completed at "wowzer" time when both kids were napping at the same time.  This isn't a huge project....but it was a project nonetheless.  During these crazy days, I feel triumphant about completing something, no matter how small.  I hope you don't mind my enthusiasm.

I find it fab and funky.  Maybe you do too?

Here's the before and after.
 And it folds up like this...isn't it nifty?
It clips open with a hook and eye.

 I love the extra lower shelf that folds in or out.  It holds all the magazines I haven't read since moving.  They're piling up!
 My goal is to have one room somewhat completed.  The living room has been the goal.  I'm getting there.

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  1. The side table looks really nice. Moving is exciting, but can be so difficult to get everything sorted into their new homes. Your family room looks like it is definitely pulling together, though!

    We woke up to about an inch of wet snow. How did you all fare in southern Maine?



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