Barn Tour (free of charge!)

Welcome!  So glad you arrived.  Come on in, I'll give you a tour.  It's a marvelous one, this 1880s barn.  I hope you enjoy the trip.

Pull hard, that door is a heavy one.  Once you get it started, it glides nicely.

 Once that large door is pulled open, you can't help but to look up. (And if you're me, upon first look, gasp a gasp of awe).
 Peek right, let your glance linger.  And be torn between looking left and inspecting the right side just a bit longer.
 Peek left. Stare.  Look at these beams, you'll say.
 The woodwork just draws you in.

You'll think of all the love and hard work that went into the raising of this barn.
Then you start noticing detail.  Like this ladder.
And some hidden doors.
Oh, and there's people in here.
You almost missed this little jabberbox.
And the beginnings of my husband's new gym.
 You start watching them, but you can't help but to look up again and admire those beams again.
 Tug tug, you feel.  It's me....telling you there's more to see. Lots of hidden treasures.
Openings for the cows and oxen that lived here.
 Projects that may have been started, but not completed.
 Miscellaneous, interesting things.
Is it you who is missing a boot?  Oh, not you?

 Speaking of boots, I hope you brought yours.  I've got mine.  While you're looking, it's a fancy stoop, isn't it?

It's a perfect road for trucks.
We'll head back outside to check the grand chicken suite.
Hey, I spy a farmer!
And some chickens who have lots of space to roam.
And a boat to perch on.  How many chickens get their own boat?
 And these lucky chickens get picture windows, a whole wall of them.

 You won't notice these little homeowner type how safe is the electrical?

And running water...can that be hooked up again?  All in time, I'll say.

A tiny farmer will urge you along. Come on, there's more to see!  

Walk along the fence and you'll see the former pasture.  Overgrown, yes, but you'll picture the meandering pregnant mama cows waiting for their babies to arrive.
 You'll notice the pathway where the cows used to exit.  And you'll picture a herd of cows slowly moving out to pasture, in no hurry whatsoever.
You'll peek under the barn and see the wide open space.

You'll ignore the windows that need a little love, you'll be dreaming of what it will be.

 You'll be very impressed with the work my husband did to preserve the structure and you'll be picturing the cows, just chilling in the shade on a warm summer's day.

 Oops.  I forgot to show you this door.  This leads to underneath the barn.  Yes, it's wide open.  And this soil has oodles of worms from the years of manure deposited here.  (Garden here it comes!)  You'll volunteer to haul some to the garden immediately.  Okay, maybe not, but it was worth a try, right?!

You'll have to stretch your imagination far when you see how much brush there is to remove, but you'll be visualizing.
 You'll walk around the barn, either counting your lucky stars you're not the one to do the work or you'll be dreaming of your someday barn.
 Either way, you'll think that these little kids are fortunate to grow up playing in a barn like this.
And you'll be planning your return glance at this barn just isn't enough.  You'll have to come back, especially when it's filled with animals.


  1. I admit it.

    I got a little teary. Well done.

    You mentioned cows, have you considered goats to help clear that brush?

  2. Yes, goats! Remember we'll have babies in the spring...beautiful post, Jackie! Makes me want to come back for another visit. It is truly marvelous!!!

  3. Lovely photos.. thanks for sharing.. Can we have a Summer BBQ barn party?? Team effort to get things done..? or just a reason to hang out with kiddos and eat!! and be merry!

  4. Such an amazing barn! The woodwork is just lovely and I bet so much work was put into this many years ago. The chickens have so much room! I bet they are very happy :)

    I love your husband's makeshift gym! You guys will get lots of good use out of the barn, I'm sure! Can't wait to see what all you do with it.

  5. Oh that was fun! I grew up with a barn like that. We never actually got around to getting animals, but my did we wander and climb and hide. It was a great adventure as a kid. Have a blast!



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