Goodbye bassinet.

We moved her from the bassinet to the crib.  We had to.  
Her brother always screamed for mama the minute he woke up.  This sweet girl often just wants to roll over and jabber to herself when she wakes up.  Not so safe in the bassinet.  

I wasn't ready.  I like her in the bassinet right next to me where I can reach or touch her.  I like her close to me so I can pull her in for snuggles if she needs them.  I like to hear her breathe those peaceful breaths.  I like her right next to me. 

But she was ready.  So mama had to prepare. She looks so peaceful and beautiful in her own crib, doesn't she? 

Well, I just couldn't move her to her own room yet.  I made my husband set the crib up in our bedroom.  It is a few feet further from me than the bassinet was. I can't bear to part with her yet.  Judge away, I don't care.  She's only little once, I'll keep her with me as long as I can.


  1. I kept all of my babies in our bedroom as long as possible, which was AT LEAST 6 months! I completely understand. I think Delia stayed with us the longest and I distinctly remember crying myself to sleep the first few nights all three of them slept in their own rooms. There's just something about hearing them breath and knowing they're close.

  2. Awww, she does look so peaceful and calm in her crib. I bet that was hard for you :( I'd want to keep that cute face close, too!



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