I admit it.  I never walked the property line before we bought this house.  My husband did, I did not.  Oops. 

We have been enjoying our "yard".  A big "yard" it is.  It's almost been a treat that I had no idea what was out there.  Sort of like a surprise.  Come along and discover with us....

How about a cemetery?  In our backyard!  It has tombstones and everything.  There's an iron fence and some granite slabs that need to be fixed.  Brush and trees to clear.  But, it looks like when we bought this place, we also bought our grave plot. Hmmm....

The apple orchard that used to be a part of this property was sold to our neighbors.  They have let us take the apples the last couple of years, so we can still use it.  However, one can never tell what the future may hold.  I was ecstatic when I found a knoll within the field with apple trees.  A perfect place for a picnic.  I wonder what kind of apples they are?

 There's old fences to explore.

 And these huge slabs that you can't see from the house.  Sidewalk chalk anyone?

There's the train, of course, that goes across our backyard at an angle every hour.  We've seen it quite a few times.
 But, seeing it outside for the young at heart was pretty exciting (The BOG isn't going be thrilled I included this).
 This certainly is the home I've always dreamed of.  We're settling in more everyday.  It totally feels like it was supposed to be ours. We all love it.

 I'm praying that we'll have many more years of exploring here.
 What a marvelous place to grow up. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us. Though we only have 4 acres here, one of my favorite, Favorite, FAVORITE things to do is what we call "walking the land". Just before we retire to the inside of our home most nights, we check on the critters, plantings, and envision what it will be like, when we finish our projects hither and yon.

    I am so happy for you and your family. It looks like you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

    Homestead blessings to you!
    Sonja ♥



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