Christmas 2012 Recap

Christmas, it was a marvelous one.  There's quite a recap coming your way.  Alert: Oodles of pictures.  I hope you don't mind.  (AND many thanks to the spectacular gift givers!) Here goes...

Celebration started Saturday with a family party.  Audra's first experience unwrapping

Or more accurately, either eating the present or having her big brother open hers.

 Christmas Eve, my little elf and I made cinnamon rolls.  They're that cuts out the naughtiness factor of them.
 Then, we did our unique tradition.  We place our cloth gift bags, many of them homemade, under the tree.  When we awake in the morning, they're filled with presents. (Bonus for me...I haven't bought wrapping paper in years, I don't need to spend my time wrapping and we have little waste).

 And then I made them do a I prayed a tired big brother didn't drop his sweet sister.

 Off to sleep (however temporary their sleep is these days) went the kids and mama got to work stuffing these Christmas stockings with junky treats I never buy (chips, oreos and fig newtons)...
 and filling the bags with the goods I've been collecting all year (As a side note, between sales and thrifting, I spent around $100 for two kids.  And they got lots of stuff!).
 My excited family coming down the stairs...
 Presents spotted...
 and off he!  (Hey, I forgot...that's a mama made shirt.)
 What did he see first?  A "roo hopper"...more commonly known as a mini trampoline. 
 He loves it.  A whole bunch.
I think roo approves too.
 (And was like new for $15.00...score!)
 And what was sweet girl doing?  Looking cute and squealing, as usual.

 And onto stockings...

 Audra was a champ at stockings.
 She picked cheetos to snack on.
And then presents.  I used some of my labeled drawstring bags.  I'll  eventually put their names in the clear pocket.

 My inlaws were most generous...

 And hand knits from our neighbors (love handmades!). 

 And this brand new plantoys bike I got for $23.00 2 years ago.
 And I forgot to mention we had snow!

It took all day long to open our presents.  Each present deserved at least an hour's worth of attention before we moved. on. We had a lot of playtime.




 And then we delivered cinnamon rolls to our neighbors by foot.

 Rosy cheeks.
And big smiles.

 And then we played and played and played some more, the rest of the day.

All in all, our Christmas was grand!  How was yours?

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  1. Great pictures! Looked like you guys had a wonderful day!



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