We're decked.

I  was going to keep things simple this year and not get all decked out.  But then I thought we *just* needed our tree.  And then I saw the advent calendar.  It's not Christmas without that. And then I saw the photos of us throughout the years.  Needed to put those up.  And then other homemades called my name.  We can't have Christmas without our stockings.  So we're decked, not on purpose, but I couldn't help it. I did take the easy way out and we used our fake tree.  Much prefer real, but given we're not fully moved in, it will suffice for this year.

Here's a link to the advent calendar. And here's all about our tradition with every Christmas framed.  As a side note, I only bought 10 of these frames when I first met my husband...and this is our 9th Christmas together.  If any of you see similar frames while you're out and about shopping, please let me know.  I need to buy more!

Does this count as a recent crafty project?  I found this frame for free this summer.  I strung clothes line rope and pinned pictures and our Christmas cards on it.  Not sure if I'll keep it like this permanently, but it's good for now.

 Our blue and silver "good enough" tree.
 And blooming Christmas cactus...given to us as a housewarming gift from our neighbors.  It's a clipping from the one the woman who lived here grew.  Very special indeed.
 And my garland.
 And our Christmas stockings, that I was supposed to embroider by this year.  Maybe next year.

 And our two perfect presents under the tree.

If there's a 'fire' in your tree, I have a firefighter who can help you.

Hope you're decked for the holidays too.

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  1. So funny! Everything looks great! It's like one thing leads to another and you can't stop decorating haha. At least that happens to me!



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